Why Us?

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Why Choose Security Specialists?


A Brand You Can Trust

We know you have a choice to make, and as the local choice we’ve got to work harder to earn your trust and your business. We believe we are a company in whom you can place your trust because:

  •   •  We only use nationally-known manufacturer’s equipment from GE/UTC, Honeywell, and DSC. This equipment is tested, proven, and comes with a lifetime warranty
  •   •  We use the best alarm monitoring company: Security Specialists. They are the two-time winners of Alarm Monitoring Company of the Year, are Five-Diamond certified within our industry (ADT, Brinks, P1 are not), and were awarded the 2011 False Alarm Reduction Achievement Award.
  •   •  Security Specialist has been installing home security systems and servicing happy customers for over 25 years.
  •   • We’re highly rated by the BBB and licensed by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) ACO#6480.


Security Specialist Security is the right choice if you’ve had an event and you need to get a system installed quickly. We know how important it is to be prompt and accurate in setting up your system. And, with Security Specialists monitoring home security system you’ll have one of the fastest responders in the industry—why else would they be the two-time winner of Alarm Monitoring Company of the Year according to independent industry analysts Frost & Sullivan.

Reliable Security Products

Many of companies that go door-to-door or sell online are pawning off cheap, second-rate home security equipment at outrageously low prices. We know that customers won’t be happy if sensors fail, control panels act quirky, or if alarms won’t shut off. Feel good about the equipment we use because:

  •   •  All of the equipment we install has been FM approved and UL Listed
  •   •  We offer a lifetime warranty on all equipment installed
  •   •  We only use nationally-known manufacturer’s equipment from GE/UTC, Honeywell, and DSC.

We Listen. Then Recommend.

Unlike our competitors, we’re not trying to push some ‘cookie-cutter’ solution that only covers some of your home. We prefer to hear from you before we make a recommendation. And, we’ll work with you and your budget. Whatever you’re looking to protect or secure … we’ll make the right recommendation based on your needs:

  •   •  Document protection
  •   •  Life safety
  •   •  Environmental sensors (smoke, water, CO2)
  •   •  Two-way voice verification
  •   •  Medicine or gun cabinet alerts
  •   •  Video ‘peer in’ for monitoring pets, kids, nannies, elderly
  •   •  Remote arming / disarming & thermostat control for vacations or vacation homes

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